What's up? 26-11-2002
Here's a round up of the most interesting eels news from the last few weeks or so:
* E. is gonna write the movie soundtrack for the Billy Bob Thornton movie Levity. The soundtrack will contain two new eels songs called "Skywriting" and "Taking a Bath in Rust."
* The follow-up to Souljacker is in the works. No working title has been set, but according to E. the new album will be heavily 'polka-influenced' and the album will contain clarinets and tubas. John Parish will return again to collaborate on the album. Two songs already in the works are 'Pigs Blood Ballet' and the somewhat curiously named 'Tea with Hitler'.
* E. played a surprise set in the LA club 'Largo' during a Jon Brion concert. Songs played included Daisies of the Galaxy, Not Ready Yet and the new Levity song 'Skywriting'.

The Galaxy up again 24-10-2002
Remember 'The Galaxy', the great eels website from Niels about the spunky2 mailinglist. It has been down for a few months, because the old host wasn't working anymore, anyway it's now up again and hosted by yours truly, right here. Go visit!

Uncle E. 11-10-2002
Visit the new Uncle E. column on the official site, right here.

Bus Stop Boxer tab 9-10-2002
Renke transcribed the Souljacker song 'Bus Stop Boxer. Click here for the tab.

New album / MTV clips 4-10-2002
Two news items from the official site
* The eels are working again on a new album, to be released somewhere in 2003 under the Dreamworks label. Nothing about any songs, co-writers or anything else yet.
* MTV made three short movie clips about the eels for their show '120 minutes'. See one of the movies, in either high band here or in low band here.

E's life advice 1-10-2002
Lead eel E. is going to answer questions posted to the official site under the name of 'Uncle E.'. So if you have any love problems or anything else mail to this address and include 'Dear Uncle E' in the subject line.

New interview 28-9-2002
New article / interview from Mixonline right here. The article mainly focuses on the recording process for new songs. Interesting bits: E. uses Protools (computer audio editing) and a guy called 'Rusty' is now apparently playing bass.

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