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In a Nutshell
The new eels album will be a live album called 'Oh, what a beautiful morning'. The album is a registration of the 'Daisies of the Galaxy' tour.
Pre-orders can be placed at eelsdirect.com from 14th november. The album will be availabe 20th november.

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  1. Feeling Good (Neil Young cover)
  2. Overture by the Eels Orchestra 2000:
    Last Stop: This Town / Beautiful Freak / Rags to Rags / Your lucky day in hell / My descent into madness / Novocaine for the Soul / Flower
  3. Oh, What a Beautiful Morning (unreleased song)
  4. Abortion in the Sky (unreleased song)
  5. It's a Motherfucker
  6. Fucker (b-side)
  7. Ant Farm
  8. Climbing to the Moon
  9. Grace Kelly Blues
  10. Daisies of the Galaxy
  11. Flyswatter
  12. Vice President Fruitley (b-side)
  13. Hot and Cold (unreleased song)
  14. Mr. E's Beautiful Blues
  15. Not Ready Yet
  16. Susan's House
  17. Something is Sacred

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