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release dates introduction
The official release dates have been announced:

Souljacker Album
September 11: Japan
September 24: Europe, rest of the world
March 12: USA

'Souljacker pt.1' Single
September 10: Everywhere

The eels will be releasing their fourth album Souljacker this autumn. Featuring John Parish, known from his guitar playing on PJ Harvery records , Kool G. Murder, R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck and eels drummer Butch.

The first reviews of the advance promo copy and the MP3's that have been floating around the internet seem to indicate that the album has a bit of a return to the electronic beats and breaks of Beautiful Freak, while still having strings like on Daisies of the Galaxy.

singles About the content of the  new album, eels frontman E. said the following:
The first single from the album will be Souljacker Pt.1. The confirmed b-side will be I Write the B-sides.

'Fresh Feeling' has been confirmed to be the second single to be released. If the singles have enough succes it's also likely that Dreamworks will release 'Woman Driving, Man Sleeping' as a third single.

"A Souljacker is a serial killer, claimed to not only kill, but also steal the souls of his victims.I began to think about this idea of stealing a soul on a larger scale. It seemed to me that there were just too many distractions and that people were losing their souls because they had no way of knowing what they had in the first place. How can you keep what you don't know you have? I then realized that no one can take your soul if you know what you have and you don't want them to.
I wrote the song that became 'Souljacker Part II' in my head during these 10 days. Later we wrote 'Souljacker Part I', which is about the ugliness of a soulless life. And then came all the other characters in this world that make up [the album] 'Souljacker'." (quote from NME)
articles and links track listing / reviews
Below is the tracklisting for Souljacker.

3speed all of the lyrics and tabs online.

  1. Dog Faced Boy
  2. That's Not Really Funny
  3. Fresh Feeling
    One of the most catchy songs on the album. This song has the same strings arrangement as on the Daisies track 'Selective Memory' but it doesn't sound at all like that track. Rumored to be the second single of the album.
album art
Click on the images for larger versions.
Souljacker Album:
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Souljacker Pt.1 Single:
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  1. Woman Driving, Man Sleeping
    Quite a 'normal' song, with a nice 'country' sounding chord progression.
  2. Souljacker (part 1)
    The first single of the album. Already quite old, because they played it during the Electro-Shock Blues tour.
  3. Friendly Ghost
    Daisies-like fingerpicking guitar riff and some drum-machine beats.
  4. Teenage Witch
  5. Bus Stop Boxer
  6. Jungle Telegraph
    Weird tribal drums, drunk trumpets and distorted singing, this is probably the weirdest song to have been leaked on the internet so far. Still, it's very catchy.
  7. World Of Shit
  8. Souljacker (part 2)
  9. What Is This Note?
Wim Wenders has directed the video for 'Souljacker Pt.1' which can be viewed in either high or low resolution here.
You might remember Wenders because the eels contributed the song 'Bad News' to his movie 'The End of Violence'.
If you still want to read some information about the previous eels album Oh, What a Beautiful Morning click here.

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