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Official Sites
eelsdirect.gif (951 bytes) Eelsdirect.com - the official store
A very nice site where you can order eels things (shirts, stickers, CD's), it all looks very good, but unfortunately they haven't got much selection and they are pretty expensive.


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Eels - The Official Website
The official site. Lots of videos, discography, news, etc. The 'Butch tour diary' is one of the best things here.
Fan Sites
thegalaxt.gif (1724 bytes) The Galaxy
Originally a site only for things about the spunky2 mailing list, but it has become a very good eels site with a few things that other sites do not have.
bandcalledeels.gif (877 bytes) A Band called eels
Has almost every thing you can expect from an eels site, including a very detailed discography.Only problem: it hasn't been updated since April 2000!
beg.jpg (1857 bytes) Beautiful Electro-Shock Galaxy
The first and only webring about the eels. The best place to start for your virtual eels cruise.
eels.gif (408 bytes) eels - everything is changing
Standard eels page, with a few nice things including a very cool design.
eelstabs.gif (960 bytes) Eelstabs
A forum with lots of tabs, mostly made by the webmaster.
enjoy2.gif (456 bytes) The eels page
Pretty extensive sites with loads of information including a comic, tabs, story and news.
electr.jpg (1800 bytes) Electrify!
Lots of information and a cool design, but it hasn't been updated for over a year.
Eels in Vegas
A site totally dedicated to convincing the eels to play in Las Vegas. This site won the Eels Fansite Contest.

The usual stuff: discography, tabs, lyrics. Also has ringtones, and is updated more than once a year for a change.

Music-releated sites  
Probably the authority in reviewing indie records, USA based, but also reviews lots of European imports.
Tiny Mix Tapes Gone To Heaven
Reguarly updated music e-mag with reviews, columns, news and live reviews. BTW: you may know one of the reviewers ;)
A fairly new UK based indie music e-mag. Also has some movie reviews.
Other eels-related sites
stickit.gif (630 bytes) stickitonyourwall.com
these guys have some rare eels posters you can buy on their website.
poptopix.gif (1757 bytes) Poptopix.com
More links to eels-related sites. And you can even rate the sites, if you want to rate 3speed click here.
Not so eels-related sites  
Opera Browser
A good alternative for Internet Explorer as a browser.
Another good alternative for IE
Do you want your eels site here? Mail me.

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