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setlist Oosterpoort, Groningen, The Netherlands: October 29 2001
  Going To Your Funeral
  Elizabeth o/t Bathroom Floor
  Get ur Freak On
  Dog Faced Boy
  That's Not Really Funny
  Daisies Of The Galaxy
  Bus Stop Boxer
  Souljacker Pt1
  My Reversed Monster
  Climbing To The Moon
  Woman Driving, Man Sleeping
  Not Ready Yet
  Fresh Feeling
  Souljacker Pt II
  What Is This Note?
The eels show in Groningen was GREAT! They did like 5 (five!)
encores, with the 5th encore being a Butch drum solo. Really cool. In the
beginning E. wasn't very talkative, but around 'Climbing to the Moon' he did
a speech and he talked more between the songs. Especially the 'sad clown'
song was hilarious, and Butch got more applause than with any other song.
Highlights for me were off course 'Climbing to the Moon', but also 'Get ur
freak on', the rocking version of 'I Like Birds', 'That's Not Really Funny',
'Not Ready Yet' (i think they extended to song around 20 minutes), 'World of
Shit', 'Sad Clown' and '3speed'. I was a bit surprised that 'Fresh Feeling'
didn't have any strings, and it seemed to be rather 'boring' without it. But
that was probably the only downside of a fabulous evening.
Oh yeah, and i managed to throw a CDR with some songs i recorded onto the
stage! Whoa! I'm gonna be the next artist signed up for Dreamworks ;)

Review by Husky
  I Like Birds
  World Of Shit
  Cancer For The Cure
  Mr E's Beautiful Blues
  Sad Clown
  3 Speed
  I Write The B-Sides
  It's A Motherfucker

  Friendly Ghost

  Butch drum solo

2001 by husky, all rights reserved, I ain't responsible for anything!