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setlist Brixton Academy, London, UK: October 25 2001
  Going To Your Funeral
  Freak On
  Dog Face Boy (sic)
  That's Not Really Funny
  Daisies Of The Galaxy
  Bus Stop Boxer
  Souljacker Pt1
  My Reversed Monster
  Climbing To The Moon
  Woman Driving, Man Sleeping
Wow.  What a gig.
Compared to the recent London Forum gig, last night the boys were on fire.
The audience seemed much more into it, with a few crowd surfers (or was it
the same guy 3 times?) at the front (until security got him down, at least).
Lots more jumping, although not exactly pogo-ing and slam dancing.  But then
some of us are older and more responsible nowadays...  Less chit-chat at the
back, so I guess most people who went actually wanted to be there this time.
At the Forum gig, it felt like people had just walked in off the street and
had no idea who the Eels were...

Review & Setlist by Steve

  Not Ready Yet
  Fresh Feeling
  Souljacker Pt II
  What Is This Note?
  I Like Birds
  World Of Shit
  Cancer For The Cure
  Mr E's Beautiful Blues
  Sad Clown
  3 Speed
  I Write The B-Sides
  Friendly Ghost (not on playlist)

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Photographs from the Official Site

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