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setlist University, Leeds, UK: October 24 2001
Going to Your Funeral pt. 1
Elizabeth on the Bathroom Floor
Get Ur Freak On
Dog Faced Boy
Souljacker pt. 1
My Beloved Monster
Climbing to the Moon
Fresh Feeling
Woman Driving, Man Sleeping
World of Shit
What Is This Note?
Bus Stop Boxer
Souljacker pt. 2
I Like Birds
Not Ready Yet
I'm A Sad Clown (sung by Butch)
Cancer for the Cure
Mr E's Beautiful Blues
Daisies of the Galaxy
That's Not Really Funny
I Write the B-Sides
It's A Motherfucker

Setlist by Patrick

Having waited five years to see Eels, my hopes for the gig were high - and I
was NOT disappointed.  After a very surreal support act (name unknown, but
they consisted of bizarre makeup, poems about collecting rotten teeth and
songs about bombing 'Afghanistan, Pakistan, Don't Give A Damn'.), E
(beautifully attired in boiler suit, shades and woolly hat), Butch and the
rest of the band took to the stage.  They started their set with a
blistering rendition of  "Going To Your Funeral Part I", swiftly followed by
"Elizabeth On The Bathroom Floor".  For those who feared that the whole gig
would only consist of tracks from Souljacker, there was enough material from
the previous three albums to keep everyone happy (and all but 4 songs off
the whole of Souljacker were showcased).   A ten hour guitar solo in the
middle of "Not Ready Yet" was the only bum note of the show - a tad self
indulgent? - but at least it gave the mosh pit in the middle time to stop
squashing me.
A twenty-something song set, including 2 encores, made it definite value for
money - and the newly bald Butch also tried his hand at launching his solo
career, with the touching 'sad clown' song, prompting some quality heckles
from the crowd.  Highlights for me included "I Like Birds" (oh, the joy of
singing that line out loud in public without being punched), "It's A
Motherfucker", "Cancer for the Cure" and a hyperactive "My Beloved Monster".
  But the classiest part was an eelsified cover of Missy Elliot's "Get Ur
Freak On".
The world of Eels may indeed be a World of Shit (who's isn't?), but hey,
they're goddamn right - it's a beautiful day.

Review by Zoe

2001 by husky, all rights reserved, I ain't responsible for anything!