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setlist March 24 Boston, MA. USA Paradise
Christ! What a night, where do I begin? I met E outside the venue about 2
hours before the show and got a picture of him holding the picture of him
holding my drawing (which is on the three speed website). He was happy to
finally meet the artist :) I was the first person in the venue so I got to
get the best position at the stage. I was so close I could have untied E's
shoelaces if I wanted to. And the mime did indeed come on (he got lost for
about ten minutes on Commonwealth Ave looking for the club...I overheard one
of the roadies comment: "how in the hell could he miss the giant marquee
flashing EELS?") I got to talk to the merchandise guy and the sound guy,
they were really nice...
When eels took the stage, the little club just erupted, the crowd was really
energetic, even though a good deal of them had never heard of eels. JOE
GORE IS SO COOL!!! He reminds me of the comic book character Spider
Jerusalem from Transmetropolitan (three cheers for anyone who knows who the
hell I'm talking about). The final encore included Butch doing "Novocain"
(He kept leaving out the parts "...you better give me something to fill the
hole") and Jehovah's witness (gods what a great song). Agony is incredible!
I must find a bootleg of that somewhere. When E did World of Shit, he was
practically paralized, I thought he was going to cry...awww...E misses his
missus. It was just an incredible show. My friend ended up grabbing E's
gatorade bottle and giving it to me (muahahahaha). He also got E's guitar
pick after the show. We met everyone outside by the big purple bus. Joe
signed my AMCE album with a personal message to E saying "I know I inspired
every single note of this album, take it easy, Joe." Then he told me E must
sign it. Butch came out and he was uber-friendly (hahaha he groped me and
some guy...not ina bad way though ;) ) and I got my picture taken with him
and he signed my friend's shirt "BUTCH IS GOOD". And E came out and he was
like "you again?" in a joking manner and I got a picture with him and showed
him Joe's message on AMCE and he wrote back "I BLAME JOE-E" He was quite
friendly and didn't seem to want to go back to the bus. He kind of turned
around when everyone was walking away, hoping that maybe someone stuck
behind...aww..he loves Boston...

Damn I wish Eels would come here more often.

Review by Spyder

2001 by husky, all rights reserved, I ain't responsible for anything!