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setlist Pukkelpop, Hasselt, Pukkelpop Festival, Belgium 23-8-2001
  • Elizabeth o/t Bathroom Floor
  • Get U R Freak On (Cover)
  • Bus Stop Boxer
  • Dog-Faced Boy
  • That's Not Really Funny
  • Woman Driving, Man Sleeping
  • 3speed
  • It's a Motherfucker
  • Souljacker Pt.1
  • My Beloved Monster
  • I Like Birds
  • Fresh Feeling
  • Beautiful Freak
Eels has changed, bigtime. When I saw the line-up (with drumcomputers & vocoders), I figured out a huge progression in the band's music. No longer were the Eels just E and Butch; John Parish (excellent guitar player) and Kool G. Murder (bass & drumcomputer) have recently joined the band.
The crowd goes wild as the lights go out and Kool steps on stage saying all kinds of weird stuff through the vocoder, then he jams for about 5 minutes on the drumcomputers,which became quite irritating after a while. Finally E, Butch and John arrive. We all know E loves to perform in front of a sitting crowd, I think that's the reason he wasn't that happy since he didn't even give us a nice welcome. Chills were running down my spine when he commences Elizabeth on the bathroom floor. bout then I knew this wasn't gonna be a 'happy show'.Also it's about 30 degrees and what did he wear: a hooded shirt. Little akward I figured. After Elizabeth, the Eels did a great cover of Missy Elliot's Get U R Freak On followed by a couple of new songs (Bus Stop Boxer, Dog-Faced Boy, That's not really funny, Woman driving man sleeping).
A The crowd gets a little annoyed because of the fact they don't know any of the songs and thus can't sing along. Finally some old stuff: 3 speed and it's a motherfucker; both genially played by E solo. Then they play the new single Souljacker pt 1 ,an unlikely eels song since it has a punk/metal edge to it; anyway it's still a great song. We know eels are very unpredictable if it comes to live shows. They always have a new version of an old song lined up: Uptempo versions of My Beloved Moster and I like Birds. The last new song is Fresh Feeling which was very well performed without the strings-part in it. Goddamn right it's a beautiful day ! Thousands of people sing along to Mr E's Beautiful Blues which in fact was very beautiful. After they played an instrumental song ( I think it was Fingertips but I could be wrong) and suddenly they were gone. We tried to get them back but it didn't work. The audience was a little disappointed because of the new Eels they saw; I say: get used to it cause these guys still rock!!!

Review by Tijl Vandenbussche

eels were great (exept for the first 3 songs, what's the point ofletting mr
Kool G Murder play stupid keyboard tunes for 15 minutes,
but after those son,gs the concert turned out fantastic (although all major
newspapers in belgium were disappointed by the preformance). the new songs
are just brilliant, that's woman driving, man sleeping was one of the
highlights of the show for me (and 3speed and Mr E's Beautiful Blues). the
last song was supposed to be beautiful freak, but I didn't hear it in it

Review by Bram

2001 by husky, all rights reserved, I ain't responsible for anything!