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setlist March 23 New York, NY USA Irving Plaza

The word of the rock-gods made flesh...
In stunning form as always, the eels came to rock Irving Plaza to
its very foundations and did just that. E, Butch, Koool G and newcomer
Joe Gore were all in superlative form. I'm sorry i didn't keep track of
the songs, but the main setlist was, i believe, the same as the new
orleans show. For the first encore the boyz played the excellent
usual--World of Shit, Fresh Feeling, Rotten World Blues, and Mr. E's
Beautiful Blues. Then for the second encore they whipped out the
incomparable I am a Sad Clown sung by the enchanting and humble Butch, Joe
Gore on cymbols, followed by 3speed and I Write the B-sides. Then, about
5 minutes after the house lights went up they came back out and did a
slower jazzy version of Dogfaced Boy followed by Jehova's Witness, at the
end of which E came to the edge of the stage to rock out and held out his
guitar into the crowd for a couple enthusiastic youngsters to strum while
the song ended. All in all the guys were a real class act
and were very charming and appreciative of the audience. Every song
translated amazingly well into the live context with more instrumentation
on most songs to exact as much rock as humanly possible. They wield their
powers of rock with fury and compassion, humility and grace.

Review by Nik

2001 by husky, all rights reserved, I ain't responsible for anything!