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setlist March 22 Washington, D.C. USA 9:30 Club
Elizabeth On The Bathroom Floor
Beautiful Freak On
Dog Faced Boy
That's Not Really Funny
Going To Your Funeral
It's A Motherfucker
Bust Stop Boxer
Souljacker Part 1
My Reversed Monster
Daises Of The Galaxy
Woman Driving Man Sleeping
Not Ready Yet
Souljacker Part 2
What Is This Note
I like Birds

1st Encore
World Of Shit
Fresh Feeling
Rotten World Blues
Mr E's Beautiful Blues

2nd Encore:
Sad Clown
3 Speed
I Write The B-Sides

3rd Encore: (Butch only - drums and vocals)
Novacaine for the Soul

Full Band on stage:
Friendly Ghost
Jehovahs Wittness

Well I just got home. Had a really great time. The mime was here in DC too,
coming on at 10:15. I guess the mime wasn't too bad, but it is still kind
of a strange deal. The crowd responded better than I would have expected
for a .. . mime.

Eels came on just after 11. While I have been a fan for a while, this was
my first eels concert. I was -really- impressed. The sound was great and
Butch has so much more to offer than is on the albums. Joe Gore has a very
good stage presence as well. He even used a kitchen knife for a slide for a

The last encore did come after the house lights came up. Butch came up on
stage alone and beat a solo for about 5 minutes and then started singing
Novocaine and then continued along on the solo. One part of the solo was
the beginning drums from Zeppelin's Rock and Roll. E did the same as
mentioned in the NC review - passed the Guitar into the crowd during
Jehovahs Witness. Overall, the set was very much like in NC.

We got to meet E, Butch and Joe after the show. About 15 people were
hanging around when the guys started showing up at the bus. When E first
got to the bus, a girl asked for his autograph and E said " No, no. . But I
will be right back." He came back out wearing a hat and coat (it was damn
cold in DC tonight!)

E was nice and polite, but Butch was much more outgoing and easier to talk
with. One thing was surprising - when asked about the support the band gets
from Dreamworks, Butch was very gracious. He seemed to be happy with their
backing while acknowledging the fact that the eels don't really sell that
many albums. I have to say that it is really cool of these guys to stand
out in 26 degree weather for pictures, signatures and such for their fans.
What a fun night!

* Agony is a very cool unreleased blues tune. After the show Butch said
that it was from a forthcoming album in the next 5 years or so :) He said
it was in the set for variety since E gets tired of playing songs very
quickly and that if it were up to E, they wouldn't be playing any
SoulJacker songs - they would already moved on to other stuff. Considering
how prolific E is in the stuio, I be he does get a bit grumpy playing the
same songs night after night :)

2001 by husky, all rights reserved, I ain't responsible for anything!