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setlist Wulfrun, Wolverhamton, UK: October 21 2001
Anyone else go to the eels gig last night at the
wulfrun?! Was totaly amazing, really quiet small and
intimate compared to a lot of gigs ive been to. E is
so luvly! Ive never been to an eels gig before and i
was totaly amazed by how good it was!

People had told me they would come back on stage after
they had finished there set, and they did twice while
everyone was still there. I waited around for a while
after hoping they would coem back on but no such luck!

Review by Kate

The gig last night was pretty damn cooool. I was right at the front behind
some girl who fainted when E came out and when she came round she decided to
regurgitate everywhere....very nice, but the real question is - did she
faint from seeing E or was it something to do with another kind of E? They
left Souljacker prt 1 and Get yer Freak On until the encore. E was funny,
someone in the crowd kept shouting "Guest List" and E was saying things like
"You're on the guest list?" and "It doesn't say take requests on the
setlist." So then he refused to play the next song until somebody shouted
out the correct song, which in the end my brother got right by shouting
Climbing to the Moon and E pointed down to him and said "BY REQUEST"
I didn't realise how small the hall was but in the end it was good cos I
managed to get so close to the stage, I also managed to see Kate as well who
is really nice, cool blonde hair with pink at the ends.
Unfortunately I wasn't in the right mood to go to a rock gig after I had
quite a bad weekend, but seeing eels kinda made up for it. John Parish
looked as if he was stoned throughout the whole concert, Kool G looked like
an Inverted B.A. Baracus, and Butch was pretty quiet (like Silent Bob). All
the songs were brilliant (except for Woman Driving, Man Sleeping which I
still cant get into) allot of feedback in them too. The show could have been
a bit longer but I thought but it was great all the same.
I also picked up the black and white Baseball shirt with the tractor logo
from the souljacker CD and the quote on the back says "Bus Driving, Band
Rocking - Tour 2001/2002" it cost me 20 notes though which I thought was a
crime, but.....

Review by Kieran

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