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setlist March 20 Carborro, NC USA Cat's Cradle
Elizabeth On The Bathroom Floor
Beautiful Freak On
Dog Faced Boy
That's Not Really Funny
Going To Your Funeral
It's A Motherfucker
Bust Stop Boxer
Souljacker Part 1
My Reversed Monster
Daises Of The Galaxy (rock version)
Woman Driving Man Sleeping
Not Ready Yet
Souljacker Part 2
What Is This Note
I Birds

1rs Encore:
World Of Shit
Rotten World Blues
Mr E's Beautiful Blues

2nd Encore:
Sad Clown
3 Speed
I Write The B-Sides

3rd Encore:
Dog Face Boy (acoustic version, like the KCRW version)
Jehovahs Wittness

Ok finaly all us EELS fans in NC got to see E and Butch for ourselves. What a show it was! A rather disturbing mime started the show, he was'nt like sexual or anything he just freaked alot of people out but it was sorta amusing. The show was supposed to start at 9 but the EELS did'nt really make it till 10. E did'nt really talk much aside from introducing the band and the occasional comment about a song. During Woman Driving Man Sleeping E started playing and me and a couple of other people clapped and yelled our approvment and E just stoped and said, "you dont even know what song this is" to which me and probably 4 other people yelled "Woman Driving Man Sleeping" to which E said, "oh how did you know that?". E also made a funny little talk about Butch's solo carrer saying that his new album would be called "Sensations". During the last encore E handed his guitar to some random who was probably not even real EELS fans and let them play it. Daniel Kheler and Alise from the Spunky2 were also their and we all had a great time E even autographed my guitar. I asked E if there was a CD with Going Fetal and Brave Little Soldeir coming out he said that they were all part of a album called Kennedy Collapse but that it was'nt going to come out but the songs were recorded. There were alot of pictures taken and Alise even got Sad Clown and Agony on video!

Review by Jon Burger

2001 by husky, all rights reserved, I ain't responsible for anything!