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setlist Barrowlands, Glasgow, UK: October 18
i saw the eels last night in glasgow barrowlands and it was soo cool. we queued up at seven, and thus when we got into the venue, we were able to get to the front row infront of e which was great. the band were all dressed up in crazy scootish attire, complete with kilts, scary tops and socks and weird sporan (?) type thingies. looked way cool :) also, e had some handcuffs attached to his belt or whatever, with one of the 'cuffs being open to make a cool curvy E shape. the setlist was the same as mentioned before i think, and the same as when i saw them in london at the end of august. but was better cuz i now knew the new songs, but was also a little bit worse cuz there were lots of people totally bashing into us as they did their moshing dancing. and stupid crowd surfers emerged too- with the first person, surfacing up during the great loud rocker of a song, world of shit. ahem. gah. i was hoping eels fans were more civilised creatures, and kinda had that feeling after being in london (where no one bashed into you which was cool), but either its just that scootish people are scarier, or that they now knew the rocky songs and thus danced more. e kinda told one of the annoying dancy shouty people behind us to calm down a bit, and then crazy glasweigan dude shouted something back, to which e did an (in my opinion) hilarious impression of the crazy dude's unintelligable speech, then saying he couldn't understand him. the guy then shouted more crazy scootish stuff with e then doing a kinda monkey arm impression thing making the same kinda noises as the dude and also adding "ooh! ooh! ooh!", saying that he couldn't understand the mad man, and told him to be careful as h(e) was armed with a knife. twas way funny hehehe. anyway, the concert was most cool and brilliant (though i think they slightly dragged out not ready yet a bit too much. a crazy long flyswatter works mucho better, but still great). then when e introduced butch to sing his song there was lots of cheers and shouts and stuff. so e just talked a bit, building butch up, whilst also telling everyone that butch needed silence to perform to his standards. e then asked butch if he had his knife, but butch said no. so e got out his wee tiny knife from his holder thing on his sock (i think it may be a part of the crazy scootish uniform), and offered it to butch, who just said he was fine and didn't want it. but e gave it to him anyway, and butch just held it down by his side. e then told everyone that butch was now armed and dangerous, and so we all had to be quiet :) the clown song was then sung brilliantly. great little ditty. also, in one of the encores, some over song was played which i think i maybe half recognised? couldn't tell what it was though, as it was only kool g and butch singing, so couldn't make out the lyrics. also, the venue seemed to be a bit confused about putting the lights on at the end, and so the band came back to do friendly ghost while everyone was still there cheering and a clapping.
afterwards, i bought me my two eels t-shirts, and then waited outside for the eels to emerge. eventually e came out (oh yeah, his beard is now a normal beard size) and i asked if he could sign stuff, which he said sure to. so i got my ticket signed by him and also my moomin papa stuff toy (woop! my collection of signed toys now numbers at four, along with divine comedy, moldy peaches and reel big fish). he then stayed and chatted to the five or six of us there for a while. john 'smiling man' parish came out next (i'm sure he never stops smiling hehe) and he also signed my toy, but then quickly disappeared off to the tour bus. butch then came out later, and he stayed and chatted and signed and stuff, but refused to give away his hat hehe. finally kool g murder came out and signed my toy also. i was way surprised with kool g. when i saw him on the stage he looked like such a scary crazy dude (what with evil sunglasses and mohican hair), but he was such a cool dude. he stayed and chatted for ages, talking about him being a morman and thus able to have loads of wives and such forth (was never sure if he was kidding or not). anyway, the eels rock. all of them. pure geniuses for sure.

Review by Paul

2001 by husky, all rights reserved, I ain't responsible for anything!