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setlist New Orleans, LA, USA: Tipitina's
Elizabeth on the Bathroom Floor
Get Ur Freak On
Dog Faced Boy
That's Not Really Funny
Going to Your Funeral, Part 1
It's a Motherfucker
Bus Stop Boxer
Souljacker, Part 1
My Beloved Monster
Daisies of the Galaxy
Woman Driving, Man Sleeping
Not Ready Yet
Souljacker, Part 2
What is This Note?
I Like Birds
World of Shit
Fresh Feeling
Rotten World Blues
Mr. E's Beautiful Blues
(The lights came up and everyone was leaving.  I was
buying a T-shirt.  After about 15 minutes, the lights
went down and the band came back out.)
Sad Clown (sung by Butch--hilarious.  The opening act
was this clown/mime who held up pieces of cardboard
with scene titles on them.  Example-"Sad Clown goes to
the park."  I don't know if Butch's song had anything
to do with it.)
3 Speed
I Write the B-sides

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