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setlist University, Newcastle, UK: 16 October 2001
elizabeth on the bathroom floor
get ur freak on
dog faced boy
thats not really funny
going to your funeral pt 1
its a motherfucker
daisies of the galaxy
bus stop boxer
souljacker pt1
my beloved monster
climbing to the moon
woman driving, man sleeping
not ready yet
fresh feeling
souljacker pt 2
what is this note?
i like birds

Encore 1
world of shit
cancer for the cure
mr es beautiful blues

Encore 2
sad clown
3 speed
i write the b-sides
Any fears that the Eels concert at Northumbria Uni in
Newcastle was gonna be a relatively normal night out
were quickly dispelled when the opening 'act' was a
man dressed as a dog who randomly wandered around the
audience and on to the stage....weird! Then some 1 3/4
after the doors opened Eels graced the stage. E had
had a shave since I last saw him in the flesh at the
Leeds festival (nice to see it growing back on Jools
Holland show!). There was no talk, just straight in to
'Elizabeth on the bathroom floor' followed by another
fine rendition of Missy Elliot's 'get ur freak on' far
better than the original methinks?! Then came the
first burst of songs off 'Souljacker' the rocking 'dog
faced boy' and 'thats not really funny'. I really
enjoyed the new songs they incoporate the rock that I
feel was somewhat lost during the 'Electro-shock
blues' (although understandably so) and 'Daisies of
the Galaxy' period. However it was clear that a large
percentage of the audience had never heard these songs
before and were merely there to hear 'Novocaine For
the Soul' and then they would have gone home. We the
had a 'quiet' section with the emotionally charged
'goin to ur funeral' and 'it's a motherfucker'. E then
spoke for the first time in the evening to introduce
the band, and to take the piss out of some drunken
folk at the front. A few more songs preceded the
fantastic 'Souljacker pt1' what a kickass song!
this was quickly followed by the first offering of the
night from the 'Beautiful Freak' album, 'My Beloved
Monster' a great rendition. A few more songs and then
the highlight of the evening for me: 'Not Ready Yet' a
somewhat heavy live version which was unbeatable, they
had really stepped it up from the somewhat tame show
at Leeds.
John Parish certainly gave it all he had for
that song, he must have moved at least twice!!! (great
guitarist but for god's sake John loosen up, stop
looking so uncomfortable!!). A few more relatively
quiet ones such as 'Fresh Feeling' before the
singalong of the evening 'I like Birds' everyone loved
it. and just when u thought it was over......back they
come with 'world of shit' finishing they're 3 song
first encore with yet another eels anthem 'Mr.E's
beautiful Blues'..............hang on, back again!

Butch is at the microphone for this one 'sad clown'
and John Parish with the cymbals just made me laugh,
he looked like a f**kin guard of some sort, smile
man!!!! anyways Butch returned behind his drums to
drum out 3speed and the final song of the evening off
the 'Souljacker' bonus CD, 'I write the B-sides'.

All in all a good night, think E could talk more
though, definately better than Leeds, great songs.'

Review by Miles

2001 by husky, all rights reserved, I ain't responsible for anything!