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setlist Cafe de la Danse, Paris, France: September 5
1. Elizabeth on the bathroom floor
2. Treecom
3. Dog faced boy
4. That's not really funny
5. Going to your funeral part 1
6. It's a motherfucker
7. Bus stop boxer
8. Souljacker part 1
9. My beloved monster
10. Climbing up to the moon
11. Woman driving man sleeping
12. Not ready yet
13. Fresh feeling
14. Souljacker part 2
15. What is this note ?
16. Beautiful freak
17. I like birds

Rappel 1
18. World of shit
19. Cancer for the cure
20. Mr E's beautiful blues

Rappel 2
21. Sad clown (Butch sings)
22. 3 speed
24. I write the B-sides

Rappel 3
25. I don't know what was it... but really funny

the show in paris was great
old and new songs, big guitars
they did the long version of not ready yet like they used to do during the
bf tour, the noisy version of beautiful freak, some songs from every album..
they came back three times on stage; e was nice, that was a very good
i can't wait to get souljacker

Review by Olivier

I had the luck to be at Café de la danse ( my sister is marii ) and it was one of better day in my life... I arrived at 1:00 pm and i waited herre with some friends when E and Butch arrived... we took photos with E, Butch and me between the two... and during the concert, I was in front of E and when E said God bless you at the people ( after climbing to the moon ) I said God bless E and E said year, that's right too... woaou it makes me sick... and at the end, I took E's mediator...

Review by Pedro

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