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setlist Elysée Montmartre, Paris France: November 4 2001
01. going to your funeral part 1
02. elizabeth o/t bathroom floor
03. get your freak on
04. dog faced boy
05. that's not really funny
06. daisies of the galaxy
07. bus stop boxer
08. souljacker pt.1
09. my beloved monster
10. climbing up to the moon
11. woman driving man sleeping
12. not ready yet
13. fresh feeling
14. souljacker pt.2
15. what is this note ?
16. i like birds
17. world of shit
18. cancer for the cure
19. mr e's beautiful blues
Eels's return to rock is a great moment, more electric guitar, some songs as I like Birds new version are great.
The audience was very hot, majority of fans.
Butch became Eels Leader for this gig, let me explain.
During the show Butch sing a song and everybody applause him, then E ask us to slow down our enthusiasm cause Butch may think he become the leader. So the audience applause stronger and stronger, just for fun.
But when the band is coming on the stage for the second time, Butch is not here. So the crowd ask for him, but E who wants to start a song tell us that butch have left the building. But everybody want Butch making more noise. E decide to leave the scene followed by the rest of the band.
Few minutes later, butch comes in the scene and make a 5 minutes Drum solo and leave.
In the Audience made of fans who were at the eels concert in Lille in 96, everybody remember that E was returned on stage for one song five minutes after end of concert, So we are waiting for more, making more noise.
Ten minutes later, Butch returned on stage for another drum solo, followed by the rest of what he ask his former band.
They played a last song Friendly Ghost.
It was a great concert and i wait for butch diary's to have his impression.

Review by Jerome, Setlist by Terant

20. sad clown
21. 3 speed
22. i write the b-sides
23. it's a motherfucker
24. oops... i dit it again
      (spears cover by butch)
25. friendly ghost

©2001 by husky, all rights reserved, I ain't responsible for anything!