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setlist Roxy Theatre, LA, USA: December 02
last night rocked. Im really glad they had time to rest and stuff before they
played that show last night.

first of all ben kweller is great. Ive seen him before but it was a while ago
and like bunny pointed out he sure knows how to write a song.

then eels went on around 10'ish.  the set list went like this:

going to your funeral
freak on
dog face boy
thats not really funny
daisies of the galaxy
bus stop boxer
soul jacker part I
my reversed monster
climbing to the moon
 woman driving, man sleeping
 not ready yet ( this was soo good and like 10 minutes long)
fresh feeling ( for this song lisa germano came out and played violin)
fresh feeling
soul jacker part II
 what is this note
I like birds

then they all left the stage and the crowd yelped and clapped the entire time
and started chanting eels  they came back out and E said that he just had to
pee....then they continued with
world of shit 
cancer for the cure
Mr E's beautiful blues

they left again and we all chanted and stuff (the crowd was great) and there
was no moshing or crowd surfing :) Eels came back out again with

sad clown (sung by butch)
3 speed
i write the bsides

then all the lights went on and people started leaving but we all stuck
around cos we noticed they werent breaking the equipment down yet..sure
enough butch came back out on the drums and did

novocaine for the soul

and like five minutes later he came back out again to a room full of people
clapping for him and he was kinda pretending to reassure the guys off stage
it was okay to come back out again and they played

friendly ghost (with nathan norton and lisa germano on maracas)
jehovas witness

Review by Lisette

The show was fantastic! I really can't offer more than what's been
written, except it was definitely more than I'd expected. After reading
all the reviews of the Europe shows, I'd expected E to be a lot more
distant to the crowd than he was, so I was pleasantly surprised when he
talked and joked with the crowd. I absolutely dug the hell out of the
new tracks and am definitely going on HMV.co.uk to get the 2-disc
Souljacker. Musically, I wish they'd gotten the mix a little better --
there were times when I couldn't hear E or Butch very well (did anyone
else miss Butch's 'Cracker....' in Get Your Freak On?), but the
performance more than made up for it. Lisa Germano on Fresh Feeling was
amazing. Climbing Up To The Moon is always a fave and well done, even
without eels Orchestra. And I never thought I would ever in my life
hear 3 Speed live. The evening was magical for me.

Review by Marty

2001 by husky, all rights reserved, I ain't responsible for anything!