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setlist The Largo, LA, USA: June 2, 2001
The setlist included 3speed, grace kelly blues, daisies of the galaxy, jeannie's diary and victoria's secret.

it started with mary lynn fromt he girls guitar club doing some comedy. then
lisa germano came out and did a nice set on guitar and piano. i was kinda
drunk during lisas set so i dont really remember much from it. then E played
like, i'd estimate, 9 new songs...(did anyone actually count?)..

and he played a few of the 'classics'. the ones i remember are grace kelley blues, 3 speed, daisies of the galaxy....and i dont remember what else. someone else will fill in all the blanks im sure.
E is sporting a really long full beard...and he kept joking that he hadnt
been out of the house in 8 months. it almost didnt look like him. i talked to
him after the show he mentioned that theres prolly gonna be some more warm up shows around la before they leave for europe and japan but their new band isnt even gonna start rehearsing till july.  and um..he also mentioned that
only one of the songs he played last night were gonna be on the new album. i
mentioned to him that i was gonna see him at lowlands with the dutch eels
alliance...he thought that was cool, he was like..you got friends in holland?
and i was like yeah..dutch people love ya...and he said..yeah sometimes.
(funny respose)
last nite was butch's 16th wedding anniversary. so butch wasnt there.

By Lisette

Bit of a disappointment, I must say. E played some songs not released yet (which were great-as usual). But he spent the last 30 minutes asking for requests that he could not remember how to play.
Now for the first 10 minutes it was funny (we all love E's sarcastic and
witty banter) but it wore too thin when Lisa Germano tried to play a song
called "Victoria's Secret" with E and neither of them could remember how to
play it. Now I am not a Lisa Germano fan in the first place and I am all for
artistic spontaneity, but this was just plain bad. After I paid the bill I
thought to myself: "This show has been planned for at least 2 weeks in
advance. Maybe it would have been a good idea for E to run through some of
his catalogue before coming out to play." I'm sure some people thought it was
brilliant and I'm glad they had a good night (so please no hate mail). I just
think that if someone pays over $100 for an evenings entertainment a little
preparation from the artist should go into it (again please no hate mail). I
did see the previous Largo show and that was brilliant so I figure you take
the good with the bad. I also look at it like everyone can have a bad night.
And as all good Eels fans I wont let one questionable performance bring me
down, but just don't get me started on the Jim-Carey-as-Jim-Morrision

By M.

last night was so cool! at the end lisa and e got on stage together and were
debating what to play. they played daises of the galaxy together :) e also
played jeannie's diary (my request woohoo!) and almost played feelin' good,
he played like the first two chords and then said he couldn't remember it.
the new songs were cool. i think there were 8 or 9. it seemed to go by really

By Danny

I just got a job a couple weeks ago, and they were going to have me work
that night.. i tried to get someone to cover, but i couldnt, so i called in
sick.  I almost got myself fired.. and its still shakey but it was so so
worth it.  Then my friend bailed on me.  I had set this up like a week in
advance.  She canceled two hours before we were supposed to leave.  I
literally asked everyone i knew if they could give me a ride.  It took me
two hours, but i finally got one of the guys in my french class to take me..
i dont even talk to him that much, but since i did his homework all year he
owed me one.  We left my house at like 930, as i was panicking that they
might have already started or left.. since i didnt have any real details and
had never been to a concert like this.

The guys were listening to rap on the way, i sort of panicked that they were
going to hate the eels and leave me there or something...  An hour and a
half later, after having driven past "gaymart USA" and the "sunshine
pharmacy" (which you can imagine delighted my too-cool companions), we
finally found the largo.  Thank goodness we got there right before E went
on, although i missed the all but the last two songs of Lisa's bit.  That
was probably good since my friends were very very skeptical.. and the
thought of listening to wierd little piano girls sing about butterflies all
night would have worsened it.

Lisa looked like she had just rolled out of bed.  She was wearing a gray
oversized tshirt with her hair all tied up on her head, i didnt even
recognize her until she went up to play with E at the end.

We sat down at the back wall adjacent to the bar.  On with the show.

E came out looking all scruffy, coming as much of a shock to most of us. 
Lisa introduced him as the guy whos had his heart stabbed, tortured, held
under water for extended periods of time etc..  He was wearing a cowboy hat
with a star on the front, much to my surprise since thats usually butch's

His first few songs were things we had never heard before.  The started
talking about a bug that crawled into your mouth... something very strange.
Needless to say i loved it :)  As someone already mentioned, some lady
requested a song and told E to cut the bullshit.  He dedicated a song that
was like You're so easy to hate.  LIttle boys and little girls.  If babies
knew you were here when they were born they'd never come out (to that
effect).  Then was a really cool song that was like My love is an Ugly love,
but its true and it lasts a long long time (even my rap loving friends
enjoyed this one).

People started yelling requests, plenty of which he rejected.  I yelled out
Souljacker.  His response: gave out a little ooh.. Someones been listening
to BOOTLEGS.  Then i yelled out Funeral Parlor: ooh a B-Side.  Despite his
cute little reaction, he didnt play them :(

Pretty much everyone started yelling out LA River, as E realized he'd
forgotten how to play a lot of the songs people were requesting.  They
started strumming their guitar/piano (at this point Lisa had joined E on
stage) trying to figure out the note with no avail.  Of course the thought
of someone forgetting their own music was a riot for my friends, who had
just realized they were enjoying themselves.  As Lisa attempted to figure
out Victoria's Secret, E went off on a little discourse like "I was about in
the third grade the first time my mother hit me..." he just rambled through
a lot of the concert.. which is of course the best part :)

I was wearing a high-neck sleevless black shirt with jeans.  Anyone see me?

When the concert was over, we got stuck in an hour of traffic in a 10 mile
distance.. did you know that all of LA does its road work and street
cleaning at one in the morning? grrr.  After a while we got impatient and
started running over cones until they called the CHP on us.  The night was

By Sophie

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