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A lot of the questions people ask about the eels are the same, those questions are called Frequently Asked Questions. You can find some answers here.
The last time a new question was added was on March 26, 2002

Q: How many albums have the eels released?
A: 4 albums: Beautiful Freak ('96), Electro-Shock Blues ('98), Daisies of the Galaxy ('00) and Souljacker('01). E. himself released two solo albums before the eels: A Man Called E. and Broken Toy Shop. Furthermore, they released an album worth of b-sides and rarities. (see also 'Where can i get rare eels tracks'). Another release is the limited live CD of the 'Daisies of the Galaxy' tour, called 'Oh, What a Beautiful Morning'.

Q: Where can i get the E. solo albums?
A: Try the store at the official site

Where can i get some bootlegs?
A: There are various places on the net where you can download bootlegs in MP3 form, and you can also trade them with other eels fans. Remember that it's illegal in some parts of the world to trade bootlegs. Although the eels have never admitted it publicly, they probably don't mind people trading bootlegs. Don't be a jerk and sell your bootlegs for outrageous prices but trade them with other people. And please don't mail me asking for bootlegs because i can't possibly ship bootlegs to people all over the world, even if i wanted to.

Q: How do I read the tabs from your tabs pages?
A: Read the 'Guide to Writing and Reading tab' from OLGA, here.

Q: What do all those abbreviations mean?
A: Here are a few common abbreviations:

  • BF: Beautiful Freak
  • ESB: Electro-Shock Blues
  • DOTG: Daises of the Galaxy
  • SJ: Souljacker
  • OWABM: Oh, What a Beautiful Morning (DOTG live cd)
  • AMCE: A Man Called E.
  • BTS: Broken Toy Shop
  • MREBB: Mr E's Beautiful Blues
  • N4TS: Novocaine for the Soul
  • E: duh ;)

Q: Can you give me the e-mail addresses of some band members?
A: I don't have any e-mail addresses of any eels members, and even if i had them i wouldn't make them public. If you want to contact the eels, try the 'official' ways.

Q: When is this site updated?
A: This site is supposed to be updated at least once a week, usually in the weekend. But it doesn't always happen, the site can be updated more than once a week (in the case of a 'big' news item), or the site can be updated less than once a week, if there is no news or if I'm a bit busy. So don't go mad at me when the isn't updated exactly once a week ;-)

Q: What is E's view on Napster/Audiogalaxy/etc ?
A: He said this in an interview for the official site:
"Napster is fine with me. We don't make much money anyway. I'm just glad someone is listening and we do our best to keep the rent paid without being total whores. Funny how only the really rich guys care about Napster."

Q: I really love your site, can i help you in any way?
A: If you like this site, you can always mail me or write something in the guestbook, it's very welcome. And of course, if you have something that is eels-related (news, pictures, tabs, whatever), please mail it.

Q: How do i get in contact with other eels fans?
A: The best way to talk to other eels fans is to become a member of Spunky2, the eels mailing list around. Becoming a member of Spunky2 is highly recommend for any eels fans. Another way of getting in contact with other eels fans is by using the 3speed forum: Jeannie's Diary.

Q: Does E. have a girlfriend or is he married?
A: E. married to his dentist. Ms. Natasha Kovaleva, somewhere in January 2001.

Q: How was this site made?
A: FrontPage 98, Paint shop Pro 6/7, Notepad, Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape and lots of patience.

Q: Where can i get rare tracks / b-sides?
A: Unfortunately Napster has almost shut down, but there are some alternatives: try Audiogalaxy, Gnutella or Kazaa.

Q: Why did Tommy leave the band after 'Beautiful Freak'?
A: E. said this in an interview with the official site:
"He was a fun and nice guy sometimes. But he didn't really fit in with us personality-wise. Many people travelling with us didn't get along with him. I wish him all the best. "
According to people who spoke to Tommy, he doesn't hold any grudges against E. or Butch. He has a new band called the Abandoned Pools, and you can visit their website here.
Niels from eels fansite The Galaxy wrote an interesting article about the whole case.

I keep reading about 'E.' and 'The Eels', what's the difference?
A: E. is the lead singer/songwriter/guitarist/etc. of the band. The 'Eels' are not really a band, but more a name for all the activities of the man called E.
The only 'official' other member of the eels is drummer Butch. Saying 'eels' is essentially the same as saying 'E.', except if you're referring to the albums E. made before the eels. Those are usually called the 'E. solo albums'.

Q: When are the eels coming to my town?
A: Check out the tour dates page.

For more questions check out the FAQ at 'A Band Called Eels' and the FAQ from Micheal Bear.

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