Oh, What a Beautiful Morning
(Daisies of the Galaxy live record)

01. Feeling Good (Nina Simone cover)
02. Overture:
a. Last Stop: This Town
b. Beautiful Freak
c. Rags To Rags
d. Your Lucky Day In Hell
e. My Descent Into Madness
f. Novocaine For The Soul
g. Flower
03. Oh What A Beautiful Morning
04. Abortion In The Sky
05. It's A Motherfucker
06. Fucker
07. Ant Farm
08. Climbing To The Moon
09. Grace Kelly Blues
10. Daisies Of The Galaxy
11. Flyswatter
12. Vice President Fruitley
13. Hot And Cold
14. Mr. E's Beautiful Blues
15. Not Ready Yet
16. Susan's House
17. Something Is Sacred

Electro-Shock Blues Show
1. Cancer for the Cure
2. Fingertips part III
3. Going to Your Funeral part I
4. Efil's God
5. Souljacker part I
6. My Beloved Monster
7. Novocaine for the Soul
8. Not Ready Yet
9. Last Stop: This Town
10. Everything's Gonna be Cool this Christmas

Bonus Tracks:
11. Flower
12. Dead of Winter
13. Electro-Shock Blues
14. The Medication is Wearing Off
15. Climbing to the Moon