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This site was made by me (husky), but there are some people who I'd would like to thank for contributing to this site:
  • Harry Al-Shakarchi : For making an excellent eels webring and setting up the spunky2 FTP server
  • Jan Wijma: For tabbing out a lot of songs
  • Jennifer: for giving good advises on the site
  • Louis-Philippe Breton (better known as bf5man): for tabbing out a lot of songs and giving advises on the site.
  • Rogier Cremers: for tabbing out a lot of songs and pictures of eels concerts
  • Matt Petty: for the 'i like birds' MIDI file
  • Tom Carr: for tabbing out dozens of songs, especially E. solo songs
  • Mike Chambers: for tabs
  • Robby Coleman: for tabs
  • and of course the eels for being the best band in the world.

And a big thank you to Re from beautifulfreak.org for hosting this website!

2000 by husky, all rights reserved, I ain't responsible for anything!