best eels songs poll

08. 3 speed / Dead of Winter (both 115 votes)
Two songs from the Electro-Shock Blues album. The first one about how it all used to be, and one what happened after all the tragic events. Dead of Winter was originally called Standing In The Dark Outside My Mother's House, but E. didn't like the title and replaced it with a line from a cartoon book.

About 3 speed:
"Seems to be so relatable to everyone. The loss of childhood innocence, searching for yourself."
-- Brad

"Life is funny, but not haha funny. Peculiar I guess." Says it all."
-- Ingrid

About Dead of Winter
"Chilling and honest, one can't help but get into this sad and touching song"
-- Brain

07. Bad News (124 votes)
A song that didn't make it to Beautiful Freak because it broke E. up in tears everytime he tried to sing the song about the death of his father. However, Wim Wenders really wanted to have the song in his movie The End of Violence, and said he would do 'anything' to get the song in the movie, and so, fortunately, the song made it to the soundtrack of that movie.

"A song you should play for every girl before falling in love. "
-- Jay

06. Not Ready Yet (134 votes)
Already an amazing song on record, played live this becomes an even stronger song, where the song sometimes is extended to more than fifteen minutes. One of the real highlights of a live eels show.

"The story of my life. What more can I say?"
-- Megan

"This song really speaks. This is one of the reasons I like Eels so much, I guess."
-- Marco

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