best eels songs poll

05. Flower (135 votes)
A song that sums up the whole Beautiful Freak theme, about not being accepted by society, being an outcast and such. Rightfully voted as the best song from that album.

"I just like this song. I don't think I liked it at first because it was too church sounding or something. But I like how it's soft and unique - another side of the Eels."
-- Ingrid

"This song moves me more than words can say. "
-- Richard

04. Daisies of the Galaxy (144 votes)
The song was written about the movie Terminator 2, which is quite a contrast with the gentle lyrics and melody of the song. But still it's a great song, we all need some daisies from time to time.

"I still contend that this is what E wanted someone to do for him. The song is pure passion. I feel it with every part of my body."
-- Mark

"very sweet, a four-chord song, simple and emotional. "
-- Nils

03. Last Stop : This Town (164 votes)
The most catchy song from the Blues album, and with a great video too. A perfume company actually wanted to use this song in a tv ad, but to put it in E's words: "when I was writing the song I wasn't thinking about perfume, I was thinking about my dead sister."

"A song most definately worthy as a radio airplay single, yet stays true to the diehard eels fans who listen to their music with great value."
-- Andrew

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