best eels songs poll

20. Dog-Faced Boy (60 votes)
The first song from Souljacker and a real rocker too. Appearantly, the song is about a girl E. used to know back in High school. She had the rather embarassing problem of being very hairy.

"something everyone can relate to for one reason or another. and it rocks"
-- Ramon

"Got a real glam rock feel going on there. I don't like glam rock... "
-- Chris

19. My Beloved Monster (62 votes)
'My beloved monster and me, we go everywhere together'. Played live on almost every gig, and so a real live favourite. People tend to like the live versions (especially the one that came on the Beautiful Freak bonus EP) even more than the album version.

"The lyrics of the song are really good, and even though the riffs are very plain, the song sounds great. "

"They took a not-so-great album track and made it rock-tastic! When I first heard this recording, I loved it so much that I flipped out and kicked my dog in the face."
-- Natty

18. Mr. E's Beautiful Blues (63 votes)
This was recorded after the complete Daisies album and E. allowed it on the album only after there was a 30-second pause between the last 'regular' album track and Beautiful Blues. Apparently he didn't think it would fit with the rest of the record.

"I was reluctant to put this song on here because it's not one of the songs that I think of as the Eels greatest, but it is a fun song, and I guess at least a couple of E's songs should be fun. So this is it. "
-- Ingrid

"I dunno. I just like it. It's happy"
-- Kyle

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