best eels songs poll

17. Elizabeth on the Bathroom Floor (68 votes)
The gripping album openener of Electro-Shock Blues is probably the most confronting of all of the songs on that record, being that it describes the view from the person dying (Elizabeth): Waking up is harder when you wanna die.

"Pretty and sad: two words that Eels can combine like no other band can."
-- Cassiano

16. Ant Farm (72 votes)
One of the most catchy, simple, but amazing songs on ESB in the same line of 3speed and Climbing to the Moon. This song actually is about E. himself, he kinda summarizes himself in the song, describing himself as a somewhat cynical man trying to be nice.

"I sing this song to my best friend sometimes, and hope he somehow feels the same way deep inside that I do. It makes both of us cry."
-- Megan

" Perfect Eels song: Anger and frustration, but still a capacity for love and acceptance."
-- Schlomo II

15. Susan's House (74 votes)
The second single released from Beautiful Freak, but never managed to gain the same attention as Novocaine for the Soul. E. changed the lyrics quite drastically for the live performance, because he didn't like some of the old lines. Still, this is one of the best songs played live, as can be heard on the Oh, What a Beautiful Morning live cd.

"just a overall interesting song"
-- Joel

" I love the way the two sections contrast between the darker and lighter ones. Very effective."
-- Richard

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