best eels songs poll

14. My Descent Into Madness (83 votes)
A song about going insane. What is there more to say?

"I'm the shit." Who doesn't get pleasure from saying this? "
-- Ingrid

13. Guest List (85 votes)
One of those typical Beautiful Freak songs, about not getting accepted by people and society in general. This is one of the songs that many fans seem to identify with.

"The great thing about the Eels is that their songs can correspond to each one of my feelings. I just find so much of myself in them and yet we are so different..."
-- Tijl

12. Fresh Feeling (96 votes)
A not-so-typical eels song, not because it's about love, but because it actually is a positive song about love, and not a sad one. This one is probably about the love E. has for his wife, who he came to know during the Souljacker recordings.
This was the highest song in the list from Souljacker.

" It's a rare thing when E writes an uplifting song; but when he does it knocks you on your ass. "
-- Jay

"scary that he loves someone so much!"
-- Guy

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