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11. P.S. You Rock My World (97 votes)
One song that few didn't have on their lists. The perfect ending for the Electro-Shock Blues album, because it shows that there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

"PS You Rock My World" was that moment in time when the cartoon lightbulb went off above my head. "
-- Schlomo II

"The song that says that the world can throw all sorts of crap in your face and, yet, there is that wonderful sense of vibrancy and life. "
-- Mark

10. Novocaine for the Soul (108 votes)
The one that started it all. Many people still seem to recall hearing it on radio or seeing the great video on tv and thinking 'who the hell are that?'. The song won the guys a Brit Award, which Butch later used in his drum kit.

"come on. it's a classic"
-- Jessie

09. Manchild (110 votes)
One of the most tender, emotional and sweet songs from the Beautiful Freak album. In case you're wondering, the girl on the answering machine that can be heard on the background of the song is singer/songwriter Jill Sobule, who is a friend from E.

"This song always makes me cry. It's that relationship that I have that E somehow managed to describe exactly with beautiful music. How does he always do that?"
-- Megan

"the meaning of love.. so true!"
-- Matthieu

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