best eels songs poll

01. Climbing to the Moon (300 votes)
With overwhelming votes (114 more than the number 2) this is the one and only winner of the Best Songs Poll. If there's any eels song that should be seen as an 'evergreen' it's this one. Many, many people had it on their number 1 spots. And that says more than i can fit in this little paragraph :-)

"My fav, as it's the most inspiring eels song, representing this shitty life and the good days. "
-- Sev

" I love to play this song to myself and think of a ring of cows, circling the moon endlessly."
-- Natty

"The only song that ever made me cry"
-- Husky

"The live version is almost as breathtaking as the album version. Both bring tears to my eyes. "
-- Andrew

"It just hits me hard every time, no matter where I am or what I'm doing."
-- Justyn

"Quite simply the most beautiful, touching song i've ever heard."
-- Spunky

So, that's it. The 20 best eels songs voted by the visitors of 3speed. I want to thank you all for your votes, your comments on the songs, and the many mails that i got asking when the list was finally ready ;)

Anyway, to round it all up, here are some last comments that people entered in the 'General Comments' field.

"E is the most amazing songwriter in the history of music. Somehow he has this way of looking inside my head and writing beautiful music about my thoughts. He is the only man on earth who can make me feel like maybe, somehow, I'm not alone after all. And music is the only language that I can understand when it comes to emotions."
-- Megan

"It's amazing how many great songs never made it on to LP's and got passed on as B-sides. It's a crime I tell you. Everyone should have easy access to these beautiful melodies. "
-- Jay

"Eat Fish, Drink Milk, Enjoy Eels......."
-- Jim A

"a unique band with a whole army of great songs and you're making me choose. Bastard "
-- Wendy

'till next year!

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