NME review: Eels - Souljacker pt1.

MUMMEEEEEEEEE!!!! The one man in rock madder than Macy Gray has given up
hanging around Cancer Wards feeling sorry for himself and taken to haunting
school playgrounds dressed as the Unabomber babbling about serial killers
that believe they can hijack peoples souls by killing them. And his first
victims appear to have been The White Stripes as this is a fuzzy bluez-rock
rollock full of chainsaw guitars and wearing "Rid Of me" -era PJ Harveys
skin as a cardigan "sisters brothers/make better lovers/family affair down
under the covers". howls E, cackling and barking like an AK-wielding lunatic
in a primary school; another frenetic, mildly disturbing and downright
brilliant swerve from the mainstream pop of "Daisies Of The Galaxy" onto the
dark backroads of the human psyche by the only man with the map. But
frankly, E mate, you can forget about ever trying to hitch-hike again.