Dear Friends and Visitors of the 3speed website and Jeannie's Diary Forum,

For almost three years I've been running the 3speed website, with various designs, with various content, and with various success. It is, therefore, with great sorrow that I announce the closing of the 3speed site. I don't have the interest anymore for updating the site as it should, and organizing events like the best songs poll. I thought about this for a while, and after thinking about it well I realized this is the only solution.

The site's information won't be gone though, I will keep the site up for as long as possible, it won't be updated anymore, but the information that was there will stay there, as long as I have the capacity to host it. The URL will change too, from to
This is because i didn't want to bother Re, from ,with hosting a site that won't be updated anymore.

Members of Jeannie's Diary are invited to take part in the new bykr board, I've created a special forum for ex-members, and i've imported some of the postings. Your user name and password are still valid so you don't have to re-register again

If you're wondering by the way, this decision had nothing to do with the recent problems with reaching the site the past few days, that was just a problem with the host.

I wish to thank you all for your support in the past three years, without it, 3speed wouldn't even have existed. It's impossible to thank everyone (my 'eels' folder in my e-mail client shows well over 500 messages!), but I want to thank a few people for their special support shown over the years:
- First of all: Re, from, for hosting this site and allowing 3speed to be on a real 'eelish' domain
- Tom Carr: for tabbing out literally dozens of songs, whom without the tab section would still be a few empty templates
- Louis-Philippe Breton (bf5man): for an equal number of guitar tabs, and for advices of all kinds on the website
- Plain: for being a great moderator on the forum
- Musicvideo, Beautifulfreak, and numerous others: for being regular visitors to the board, and having countless pointless conversations about nothing ;)
- Jake Harvey, from the official site, for six very nice signed vinyl singles

Remember, the site will not go down and the forum will still be active, so there's no need to start mailing me for tabs or to say goodbye to the forum

If anyone's still interested in what I'm doing right now (hey, I'm not dead or something ;), you can check out, my personal website. If you still have anything to say, please feel free to e-mail me

It has been a pleasure,
-- Husky

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